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Chosen Most Trustworthy In The Indian Marketplace For Procuring Hydraulic Piston Ring, Ram Cylinder Piston Ring, Inverted Circlip, E Type Circlip, Engine Piston and more.
About Us

Better business understanding is important to gain competitive advantage in any business. We at Olympic Udhyog boast of our deep business understanding, which we have gained after serving as a manufacturer and wholesaler of Hydraulic Piston Ring, Ram Cylinder Piston Ring, Inverted Circlip, E Type Circlip, Engine Piston, Valve Seat Insert and more products since 1994. Our company holds 20+ years of knowledge of handling diverse business operations to complete excellence. In all these years, we have never faced any problem in relation to expansion or any other for the fact that we have always focused on maintaining the best standards in production and delivery of our offerings. It is the result of the same that our company is now chosen by customers even more than long standing companies for sourcing Piston Rings and Automotive And Industrial Circlips.

Our Infrastructure 

Smooth flow of our production operations is the result of our well-developed production units, developed on a land of 1600 square metre. We have two units active for producing industrial components in complete compliance with the norms of the industry. We have designing, development, quality testing and numerous other departments to hassle-freely perform every business process. Advanced machines and engineered tools placed at these units support us in manufacturing products in a fast and efficient manner. 

Quality Policy 

Running strict quality tests on produced ranges of products is important to serve defect-free orders to customers. Believing in the same, we have recruited quality inspection experts to conduct regular tests on Ram Cylinder Piston Ring, Hydraulic Piston Ring, E Type Circlip, Inverted Circlip, Valve Seat Insert, Engine Piston and other products to affirm every product is dimensionally perfect and functions efficiently. These experts perform the job of maintaining an unsurpassed array of products for pleasing customers and bringing them the most profitable returns on their investment. 

Our Strengths

  • Our Policies: We have pledged to serve every type and size of company in our best possible manner and provide them real information related to our offerings and doings.
  • Our Schemes: We propose customer benefiting schemes in the form of reasonable prices, customised fabrication of products and more to delight them well.
  • Our Actions: We perform customer-focused actions to delight every buyer in the Indian market associated with us.

We accept only bulk quantity orders.

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